Do you know that your iPad or Android tablet might be tracked? Have you ever concerned that your boyfriend / girlfriend or husband / wife is tracking your device?  All of your details such as emails, sms, calls and Skype chats could be reported to someone else, but how could you know that your device is being tracked? Does your iPad have a keylogger?

Well, everyone would be worried about being tracked and start asking questions like "does my iPad have a keylogger?" or "what if someone reads my messages?" if they used a tablet such as iPad or any Android Tablet. If you are using a tablet and want to know whether  you're being tracked or not, there might be some ways to understand if your iPad has a keylogger or if your Android tablet has a keylogger.

First of all, our iPad keylogger and Android keylogger is completely undetectable.So if our product is used, there would be no way to learn, but lets talk about some other iPad or Android keyloggers.

Many of other keyloggers are detectable and some of them are shown as a radio. So if you see a radio icon or application you must be sure if you download that application, otherwise you should know that you might be tracked! Some other keyloggers also cannot delete their icon and show them as a game. In this case what you need to do is, you need to check all games that your device has, and if there is a game that you did not download, then there is a possibility that you're being tracked. All these keyloggers are also might be seen in Application list ( for iPad , under setting icon ).


The last thing is this, as all keyloggers need the iPad to be jailbroken and the Android tabled to be rooted, and some keyloggers cannot hide jailbreak icon on iPads, so if you see a jailbreak icon then you should know that you could be tracked.


Please remember that our keylogger hides the jailbroken icon and it is completely undetectable!


Thank you.




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