It is now cheaper to start Spying on an iPad with our new 1-Month subscription. Now Spy on iPad with iPad Keylogger 1-Month !

Great news for those who are looking for a shorter subscription and cheaper price. iPad Keylogger now offers you the new plan, which is 1-Month subscription. It is the best option for short term monitoring. Now you can Spy on iPad with iPad Keylogger 1-Month, cheaper but all features are included.

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The new subscription plan include ALL of the features that are available, there is no difference between this subscription and the others.

Here are the features;

Spy on Calls

  • Listen to Live calls
  • VOIP Calls
  • Call Logs
  • Listen the Ambient
  • Ambient Recording
  • Facetime Spy Cam

Spy on Passwords

  • Get Passcodes
  • Grab Application Passwords
  • See Email Passwords

GPS Tracking

  • GPS location Tracking
  • View GPS locations

Application Spying

  • Address Book
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • See Installed Applications
  • See Application Activities

Message Spying

  • Spy on iMessage
  • Read All SMS
  • See All MMS
  • Send fake SMS
  • Auto-Delete SMS based on keywords
  • Read All Emails

Multimedia Spying

  • Get All Taken Videos
  • See All Taken Photos
  • Listen Audio Files


  • Hide Jailbreak Icon
  • Hide from Task Manager

Receiving Alerts

  • When SIM Card is Changed
  • When a Specific Person is Called
  • Alert Wizard

Spying on IM Chats

  • Spy on Facebook and Its Messenger
  • Spy on Skype, Viber, LINE, WeChat
  • Spy on BBM
  • Spy on Yahoo Messenger
  • Spy on Snapchat
  • Spy on Google Hangouts

Spy Remotely

  • Take Picture Remotely and Secretly
  • See Battery Status
  • Remote SMS Commands
  • Restart the iPad

Spy on Internet

  • Access ALL visited Websites
  • Get Bookmarks

Easy to Use

  • Easy Installation
  • Online Remote Control
  • Updating
  • Easily Renewing
  • Deactivation
  • Unstallation


If you want to use iPadKeylogger for a short term, this is the best option for you. You can click here to see all plans.

Please note that after choosing a plan, it is not possible to change the subscription plan, so if you choose 1-month, then you will need to renew every month if you want to continue with the service.

Please also note that 10-day money back guarantee does not apply 1-month subscription. Please click here to read refund policy.


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Please note that the iPad should be jailbroken to install such applications. (see why)

Got any question?, please don hesitate to contact us


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