Is your kid safe? Does she/he have suspicious behaviour or friends that don't seem to be trusted? How to know whether your child is in danger? Do you concern that your kid using drug? Are they sexting? Should you protect your child by monitoring them?

What should you do when you have these questions? All parents are concerned about their child safety, and most of them have these questions in their mind. We all know that parents would do everything to protect their child. That includes monitoring and spying on them too!


What does my child do with her/his mobile device?


Unlike the era today's parents lived, nowadays almost every kid has a mobile device and most of the teenagers have tablets such as iPad. This may put your child in danger and increase your concerns, but it also can help you to find out what your son or daughter is up to.

Teenagers can easily communicate with their friends by mobile devices, and what concerns parents is the fact that they also talk to the strangers online. What's more, they even meet with people they have no idea about. There is no doubt that meeting stranger is not always safe, especially if you're a teenager who can easily be manipulated and misdirected.

Children are also so used to chat instantly and share pictures including private ones! This could lead sexting, and nudity. Your child's private pictures could be used and shared without their permission. Blackmailing is another possibility that your child might face by friends or strangers.


How to protect your child?

It is your decision whether to monitor your child or not. You might think it is not ethic, but safety of your child comes first. The best way is to protect your child by monitoring them.

There are several ways to find out what's your kid doing, but spying on your child's iPad could be the easiest one with the best result. You can see taken, sent and received pictures, instant messaging chats, visited webpages, their social accounts and even passwords of those accounts.  By accessing these accounts, you will be able to see Facebook chats, people that they are interacted with and private pictures.


How to spy on your child's iPad?

The first thing you should do is to jailbreak and install iPadKeylogger, which takes about 10 minutes to install. Once you install and activate the software, you will be able to see all logs, chats, images on your online control panel without accessing the iPad again. Click here for all features.


  1. Click here to get the Spy App for iPads
  2. You will receive your login details and license key within minutes -automatically-
  3. Install the software on the target iPad by following the provided instructions
  4. Wait for the first logs


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