Spy on WhatsApp

spy on whatsapp


Spy on WhatsApp

If you are willing to spy on WhatsApp messages on an iPad, then iPadKeylogger is the best option for you. Please find below what you can do with iPadKeylogger for WhatsApp Spying:


  • See all WhatsApp chats including time/date information.
  • See all profile pictures and all names that chat with your target.
  • See all photos, videos and audio messages that are sent/received.
  • See the installed WhatsApp version.
  • Log in to your online control panel on any device you want to, see all captured data that are uploaded to your dashboard.



Can I see chats that are deleted by the target?

Yes, our software captures the data and keeps them in the background even if the target deletes them immediately. Once the software connects the servers and uploads these chats, it will delete from its memory on the device.

Please note that any chats that are deleted before iPadKeylogger is installed cannot be retrieved.



Can the target notice that you Spy on WhatsApp?

No. You can hide the iPadKeylogger icon, so the target won’t understand that iPadKeylogger is installed on the iPad. The target also does NOT get any notifications when the software captures WhatsApp chats.



How to Spy on WhatsApp?

You should install our iPad Spying App –iPadKeylogger– in order to spy on WhatsApp. Please find the main steps here; how to spy on iPad?

Please read all features, and check our plans. You can see the screenshots of your online control panel if you wish.


  • Starter

  • $1493 Months
    • 7 / 24 Support
    • Renew every 3 months
    • Receive immediately after purchase
    • Any Jailbroken iPad

  • Standart

  • $1896 Months
    • 7 / 24 Support
    • Renew every 6 months
    • Receive immediately after purchase
    • Any Jailbroken iPad

Best price
  • Advanced

  • $24912 Months
    • 7 / 24 Support
    • Renew every 12 months
    • Receive immediately after purchase
    • Any Jailbroken iPad

You will receive your license key and login details automatically just after your payment is finished.