iPad Spy App Update (v4.1.2)

ipad spy app update

iPad Spy App Update (v4.1.2)

Our iPad Spy App; iPadKeylogger is updated to v4.1.2 with latest app version supports. Please read details about iPad Spy App Update (v4.1.2) below


We have just released the iPad Spy App Update (v4.1.2)! The update includes many changes. You can easily update the iPadKeylogger remotely for free, using your online control panel! We recommend you to update the iPad Spy App Update (v4.1.2) to get logs from latest app iOS apps.

Product: iPhone & iPad
Version: 4.1.2
Product ID: 5001
Support platform: iOS 6.x – 9.0.2 (jail broken)
Release date: Wed, 23 Dec 2015


What’s New?

  • Support BBM up to version
  • Support Facebook Messenger up to version 52.0
  • Support Hangouts up to version 6.1.0
  • Support LINE up to version 5.9.0
  • Support Skype up to version 6.8.1
  • Support SnapChat up to version 9.21.1
  • Support Viber up to version 5.7.0
  • Support WeChat up to version 6.3.8
  • Support WhatsApp up to version 2.12.12


What’s Fixed?

  • Does not capture photo sharing from album on Snapchat version 9.20.0, but if photo is taken through the camera and sent directly in chat, it will be captured.


Additional note:

IM Application Supported Version
Facebook Messenger 52.0
Google Hangouts 6.1.0
LINE 5.9.0
Skype for iPhone/ iPad 6.8.1
SnapChat 9.21.1
Viber 5.7.0
WeChat 6.3.8
WhatsApp 2.12.12
Yahoo Messenger 2.2.9



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How to get iPad Spy App Update (v4.1.2)?

Please log in to your account and check the top right to find the blinking UPDATE icon. A window will pop out once you click this icon. Please read details and click “YES” button to update remotely.


How to buy iPad Spy App?

It is easy! Click here to choose your plan and purchase the license to start spying on Android devices immediately!


Money Back Guarantee

We offer you 10-day money back guarantee! Without any reason you can ask us for refund in 10 day!

Please read refund policy.


Contact Us

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[qode_pricing_tables columns=”three_columns”][qode_pricing_table title=”Starter” show_button=”yes” target=”_self” button_size=”large” active=”no” price=”149″ currency=”$” price_period=”3 Months” link=”https://spyera.com/order/?PRODS=4574633&PLAN=TM3″]

  • 7 / 24 Support
  • Renew every 3 months
  • Receive immediately after purchase
  • Any Jailbroken iPad

[/qode_pricing_table][qode_pricing_table title=”Standart” show_button=”yes” target=”_self” button_size=”large” active=”no” price=”189″ currency=”$” price_period=”6 Months” link=”https://spyera.com/order/?PRODS=4574632&PLAN=TM6″]

  • 7 / 24 Support
  • Renew every 6 months
  • Receive immediately after purchase
  • Any Jailbroken iPad

[/qode_pricing_table][qode_pricing_table title=”Advanced” show_button=”yes” target=”_self” button_size=”large” active=”yes” price=”249″ currency=”$” price_period=”12 Months” link=”https://spyera.com/order/?PRODS=4574631&PLAN=TM12″]

  • 7 / 24 Support
  • Renew every 12 months
  • Receive immediately after purchase
  • Any Jailbroken iPad


You will receive your license key and login details automatically just after your payment is finished.

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