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Our customers do not usually ask for refund as most of them are satisfied with our software.For those who want to cancel their plan, we offer you 10-day money back guarantee.
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I had some serious concerns about my relationship with my wife as she started behaving suspiciously. After researching how I could know whether she was cheating on me, I found the iPad Keylogger on this website. I bought the 3-month plan and installed on a new iPad and gave it to her as a gift. Once she started using the iPad, I immediately started getting every information she was doing on the iPad such as her chats on social and private accounts and her locations even passwords. After reading these chats, seeing where she had been and listening to the ambient she had been, I finally understood that there was nothing to worry about, and now I am perfectly sure that she's not cheating on me. I can't explain how relieving it was, now I feel much better and have started to be more careful about relationships to make her happier. Thanks to this software.

Nick Sanchez

Oxygen Customer
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20 November 2014
iPad Keylogger for iOS8 - iOS8.X is available!

#UPDATE 4 Dec 2014 - Now iOS8.1.1 too is supported. #UPDATE 14 Dec 2014 - Now iOS8.1.2 too is supported. We are very excited to announce that iPad Keylogger for iOS8 - iOS8.1 is now available! Our software iPad Keylogger is updated with iOS8 and iOS8.1 support!   It hasn't been long time that Pangu […]

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31 August 2014
How to install iPad Keylogger & Spy App on iPad

Spying on iPad is very easy with our software iPad Keylogger. We have just made a tutorial video that shows/helps how to easy install Spy app iPad Keylogger on any jailbroken iPad. Our customers already know how easy it is to install our spy app for iPads, but those who are willing to use our […]

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13 August 2014
Jailbreak iOS 8

As you may already know, Apple is planning to release its latest mobile operating system iOS 8 in September 2014. We all are quite happy with this, but the question is this; can we jailbreak iOS 8? What is going to happen if you update the current jailbroken version to iOS 8?   iOS 8 has […]

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25 June 2014
How to Jailbreak iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1

#UPDATE 03 July 2014 - iOS 7.1.2 is also supported. All iOS 7.1.X will be supported from now on.   Great news! iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1 now can be Jailbroken! As you may know, until couple of days ago, we used to be able to Jailbreak only iOS 7.0.6 or earlier iOS versions, but […]

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22 May 2014
How to Protect Your Children?

How to Protect Your Children ? Do you concern for your children? Do you want to know where they actually are? Who they are texting? Are they safe? Do they lie to you? Are they actually going to school? Are they being bullied? Are they sexting? All parents are probably having the same questions and […]

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18 November 2013
How to Spy on an iPad?

How to spy on an iPad? Whether it’s a life partner, an employee, or your own child, we all use phones and tablets in different ways, and often for different things. There are an estimated 400 million iOS activated devices. If the person you want to spy on has an iPad, you NEED to be […]

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9 June 2013
Does my iPad have a keylogger?

Do you know that your iPad or Android tablet might be tracked? Have you ever concerned that your boyfriend / girlfriend or husband / wife is tracking your device?  All of your details such as emails, sms, calls and Skype chats could be reported to someone else, but how could you know that your device […]

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29 May 2013
What is iPad Keylogger / Android Keylogger?

What is iPad Keylogger or What is Android Keylogger ? iPad Keylogger or Android Keylogger allows you to track all activities that is happening on the target iPad, iPad mini or any Android tablet. This article includes quick answers for those who are asking "what is iPad keylogger" or "what is android keylogger". What is […]

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29 May 2013
Is my wife having an affair?

Mostly, women are worried about being cheated, but there are also some men who become alarmed and ask themself "is my wife having an affair?". Well, do you sometimes ask some questions like "is my wife having an affair?" or "does my wife cheat on me?" to yourself?. If your answer is yes, then you […]

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27 May 2013
iPad Keylogger without Jailbreak

All of you might be looking for an iPad keylogger that does not need jailbreak on an iPad, but is this possible? Is there any iPad Keylogger without Jailbreak? iPad is the most popular tablet and one of the most favourite products of Apple. The operating system is iOS, just like other Apple's mobile devices […]

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