What is iPad Keylogger / Android Keylogger?

What is iPad Keylogger or What is Android Keylogger ? iPad Keylogger or Android Keylogger allows you to track all activities that is happening on the target iPad, iPad mini or any Android tablet.

This article includes quick answers for those who are asking "what is iPad keylogger" or "what is android keylogger".

What is iPad Keylogger?

iPad keylogger is an application that works on iPad and iPad mini to track the device remotely.

What is Android Keylogger?

Android Keylogger is an application for Android tablets such as Samsung to track the device remotely.

Why Should I track an iPad or a Tablet?

What kind of activities I can see?

search_globe search_film map phone_book photo_camera mail_search note_book skype facebook calendar

  1. Emails
  2. Locations
  3. Taken pictures
  4. Recorded Videos
  5. Skype calls
  6. Facebook chats
  7. Visited websites
  8. Notes
  9. Adress books
  10. Calendar

For more detail please visit our features page.

Is it detectable?

Our iPad Keylogger and Tablet Keylogger is completely undetectable. The owner of the target Tablet cannot know that you are tracking their iPad or Tablet.

Which tablets are supported?

Any iPad, any iPad Mini and any Android Tablets are fully supported. Please also note that iPads should be Jailbroken and Android tablets should be rooted to support all features.

Does the iPad have to be Jailbroken?

Please read this article for more details.

How can I track?

The only thing you need is to download our iPad Keylogger or Tablet Keylogger onto the target Tablet that you want to track. Please visit our monthly plans here and choose one of them to start tracking.

Can I cancel if it is not working or if I do not like?

We guarantee that it will work perfectly, but if you don't like or give up tracking, we give a 10 day money back guarantee.


Can I track a phone rather than a Tablet?

Yes, please visit here to see more details about tracking phones.

Is my wife having an affair?

Mostly, women are worried about being cheated, but there are also some men who become alarmed and ask themself "is my wife having an affair?".

is my wife having an affair?

Well, do you sometimes ask some questions like "is my wife having an affair?" or "does my wife cheat on me?" to yourself?. If your answer is yes, then you have the right to learn whether she cheats on you or not. Not for your own curiosity, but also for your relationship. To have a great relationship, there should not be any suspicion that your girlfriend or your wife is cheating on you.If there is any, then all doubts should be cleared.

To clear sneaky suspicions and be sure that whether your wife is having an affair or not, you can easily track your wife's phone or tablet. iPad keylogger or tablet keylogger allows you to track and iPad or iPad Mini and any Android tablet. You can read your wife's email on the tablet, her location can be tracked in real time. You can also see taken pictures, address book, recorded videos, skype talks, facebook chats and even more.

The iPad Keylogger, Tablet Keylogger is completely undetectable. Your wife or girlfriend cannot know that you're tracking her tablet. So, don't say "is my wife having an affair?", do something, track her tablet and know!

After installing the iPad Keylogger (or tablet keylogger) on her ipad or any other android tablet, you will be able to easily see everything. You will see all activities that she does. Most importantly you will know that if your girlfriend or your wife is cheating on you or not.


To download and start tracking your girlfriend or wife's tablet, please visit our download page here and choose one of the monthly plans. 


Does your wife or girlfriend not have an iPad or a Tablet? Are you looking for a keylogger for phones? Then we recommend you to visit here to track any phones.