How to Protect Your Children?

How to Protect Your Children ? Do you concern for your children? Do you want to know where they actually are? Who they are texting? Are they safe? Do they lie to you? Are they actually going to school? Are they being bullied? Are they sexting? All parents are probably having the same questions and concerns about their children's safety. Do you know there is a way to answer all these questions?  iPad Keylogger might be the solution.

Since mobile devices are being a part of our life, things get more complicated and dangerous especially for youngsters who can easily be persuaded. Nowadays the majority of children use mobile phone or tablet and it is hard for parents not to buy an iPad when their kids ask for. This situation bring questions and concerns to families. Do you really know how to protect your children? You might be familiar with the traditional way of protecting your children, but what if they are not safe when they are using their iPad, iPhone or other mobile devices? We give you a simple solution to track their iPads, which we call Spy iPad or iPad Keylogger.



The study (NCMEC) shows that 25 percent of children do not know what to do when they get suggestive things on their devices (iPad, iPhone or other mobile devices), this can put them in very seriously dangerous situations.

The new generation communicates via mobile devices; they send texts, they chat on social accounts or talk on the phone or send pictures, but this sometimes can go too far.The study shows that one-third teenage send more than 110 texts a day, and do you know that some of these texts are nude or semi-nude pictures? Most of kids are texting or having phone  calls during the class, which might effects their education. Another fact is this, 25 percent of children are bullied by SMSs or spy calls. So how to protect your children? what if your child is in one of these situations? Do you want to know where your children are, what they are doing, who they are talking to, what they are talking? Installing the iPad Keylogger can definitely answer these questions. Now it is easier to tract your kid's iPad and protect your children.

Our product iPad Keylogger can get any details on your child's iPad, and helps you with protecting your children. You can track your kid's location -where he/she has been- on a map, you can read their all texts/SMS and chats on social accounts such as facebook, whatsapp and skype. You can see what pictures or videos are taken on the iPad or what pictures are send/received, you can also spy on iPad's camera remotely -they won't know but you can see-. You can even get their iPad's passcode to access the device directly. All web browser activities are logged for you, and you can also listen the ambient - make spy calls the iPad and listen the ambient.

Spying an iPad is easy and simple with iPad Keylogger. All you need to do is to get our licence, and install the software on your kid's iPad. Once the software is installed, you will start seeing all the activities by log in to your special web account on any computer you want. Please visit our homepage for all details;

Our software is completely undetectable and there is no way for your children to know that they are being tracked.


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Please note that the iPad should be jailbroken to install such applications. (see why)

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